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The Learning Ladder About Us Our practice is focused on supporting the growth of children’s minds, bodies and souls through The Learning Ladder About Us Our practice is focused on supporting the growth of children’s minds, bodies and souls through The Learning Ladder About Us Our practice is focused on supporting the growth of children’s minds, bodies and souls through

About Us

Our practice is focused on supporting the growth of children’s minds, bodies and souls through ……..

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a complete Montessori program which considers the emotional,……

We Believe

The spirit/psyche of the child in all its aspects is our first priority…….

Welcome to The Learning Ladder

Message from The Founder

Dear members of The Learning Ladder community,

In 2018, when the seeds of The Learning Ladder were sown, it was a dream nurtured by a profound belief in the power of education and the limitless potential of our youth. This institution holds a special place in my heart, as it embodies my unwavering commitment to providing a nurturing and empowering environment where young minds can flourish. The journey began with a vision to cultivate not only academic excellence but also to instill values of curiosity, resilience, and compassion, laying the foundation for holistic growth. As we look ahead, the path is illuminated by the promise of expansion and evolution. Our goal is to foster a dynamic community where innovation, inclusivity, and excellence intertwine, enabling The Learning Ladder to ascend to greater heights and touch the lives of countless more learners. Together, let us continue to climb, learn, and thrive.

With heartfelt dedication,

Sharzaad Pirayesh

Founder, The Learning Ladder

Our extra curricular activities

About Our School

Welcome to The Learning Ladder, a beacon of educational excellence where every step is guided by the principles of the Montessori philosophy. Our Montessori Section is led by certified Montessori teachers who are devoted to nurturing a love for learning in our young explorers. Here, we understand that education is a journey of discovery, and our Montessori approach fosters independence, creativity, and a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Transitioning seamlessly into our Primary Years Program, we proudly embrace the prestigious Cambridge curriculum. Our commitment to academic rigor is enriched by a student-centered environment that encourages critical thinking and holistic development. Our passionate educators collaborate to provide an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, empowering our students to excel not only academically but also as compassionate global citizens.

At The Learning Ladder, we believe in cultivating a strong foundation while fostering a spirit of curiosity that propels our students toward excellence. Join us as we embark on a transformative educational voyage, where Montessori values and Cambridge standards harmonize to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.


Meet our Team

Ms. Shaz


Ms. Saadia


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Introducing ProCare: Your Window to Your Child’s Journey at The Learning Ladder! 

We understand that staying connected and well-informed about your child’s school experience is of utmost importance to you. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge app, ProCare – a powerful tool designed to enhance your connection with your child’s educational journey like never before.

With ProCare, you’ll have real-time access to a wealth of information, ensuring you’re always in the loop regarding every aspect of your child’s day at The Learning Ladder:

Lesson Time Alerts: No more wondering about your child’s class schedule! ProCare keeps you updated on lesson times and subjects, helping you plan your day accordingly.

Mealtime Insights: Curious about what your child enjoyed for lunch? ProCare provides mealtime updates, allowing you to stay informed about their dietary choices

Progress Reports: Receive timely notifications about your child’s academic progress and achievements, enabling you to actively support their learning journey.

Live Updates: Experience their school day virtually through real-time photo and video updates, providing you with a glimpse of their exciting activities and achievements.

📞 Direct Communication: Reach out to teachers and staff with ease, fostering open lines of communication for any questions or concerns you may have.

Downloading ProCare is simple and user-friendly. Just head to the app store on your device, search for “ProCare,” and start enjoying the benefits of instant access to your child’s educational world. We believe that informed parents contribute to a more enriched learning experience, and ProCare is here to make that connection seamless.

Join us in embracing this innovative tool that empowers you to actively participate in your child’s education. Together, let’s nurture a partnership that fosters growth, learning, and shared success. 🚀📚

Get started with ProCare today and embark on a journey of unparalleled connectivity and involvement in your child’s education at The Learning Ladder!


Montessori Fee Structure

Respect For The Child

Central to the Montessori approach is a deep respect for the child as an individual. This pillar emphasizes the importance of recognizing and honoring each child’s unique qualities, interests, and developmental pace. Montessori educators create an environment that fosters self-esteem, independence, and a sense of belonging.

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Sensitive Periods

Montessori theory acknowledges that children go through sensitive periods of development during which they are particularly receptive to learning specific skills or concepts. Educators observe and identify these windows of opportunity, providing appropriate materials and guidance to support the child’s natural curiosity and exploration.

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Prepared Environment

Prepared Environment The Montessori classroom is meticulously designed to facilitate learning and independence. The environment is filled with carefully selected materials that engage the child’s senses, promote hands-on exploration, and encourage self-directed learning. Everything is organized and accessible, empowering children to make choices and engage in purposeful activities.

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Role of the Educator

In the Montessori approach, educators are seen as guides or facilitators rather than traditional instructors. They carefully observe each child’s progress, interests, and needs, offering personalized guidance and support. Educators create a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages exploration, inquiry, and self-discovery.

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